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 Hey folks,

Welcome to my tea blog.

My name is Uttam, and I am a person who is very passionate about tea, and I like tea very much.

Starting from scratch, I was born in India, and I drank my first tea when I was very young.

And I liked it very much. It was masala chai, and I liked that tea very much to research different tea varieties available on the planet.

and when I researched on the internet, I found that there are many varieties of tea available in the world

I was shocked by the results! because there were hundreds and thousands of varieties of tea available on the list

and I found that many blogs usually write in a very complex language that is difficult to understand for a normal Person.

It may be understood by them as they are professionals, but once Albert Einstein said that.

"if you can't explain it simply, then you don't understand it well enough"

so I thought that why can't I start my own blog

and write about the different varieties of tea and their health benefits in a simple language

That's where all the journey started. I am a person who is interested in teas.

and I have a friend of mine named Santhosh, who is a professional Web Designer

and an excellent Back end developer, I and Santhosh decided to make a blog that is easy to understand by everyone

So that even a child can understand the language, so we decided to buy a domain and hosting for our blog.

and we did intense research on the internet to find and write the content in a simple language

Santhosh is a very good person, and he is a beneficial friend of mine, and he helps me with very complex problems.

We both decided to make this blog about tea, and this blog is dedicated to every tea lovers out there.

We both belong to Madurai, which is known as temple city, and the best part of this city is simple.

and it is also called a smart city, and the iconic person of this city is Sundar Pichai, who is CEO of Google and alphabet

And do you know that we people in Madurai are simple and we unusually live life.

We love, and we enjoy our lives daily. We love all the things that are Suitable for us.

And we like to talk more about our interest; that is why I made this tea blog.

and I wish to make my passion Read by people all over the world if I talk to a person who is interested in teas for 2 to 3 hours in face to face

then it would take an hour for me, however, to discover the person, as well as it will take a long time to discuss my interest

that is why I started this blog, and I dedicate this blog To every person who loves teas

and wants to discover the health benefits as well as the tastes of teas, so if you are a person who loves teas

then this blog is dedicated to you, and if you liked our work, then you can share this blog with your friends

and if you have any suggestions or comments, then you can post your feedback in the article

And make it a better one. This is an open blog, and this is made for everyone and if you have any articles to give us.

you can give us a guest post, and we will publish it to our blog, and you will get your words read by everyone

We love people who give their feedback to us around the world, and we like to share them by adding value to our articles.


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