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 What information do we collect? 

We collect your information when you register, provide your email or comment or fill out a form.

However, you can visit anonymously without entering your information. 

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We use cookies to improve our website and your communication.

We can send periodic emails if you register your email on our site to send you promotional messages, affiliate programs, and other website-related information. 

Do we sell your data? 

No, we don't 

Do we disclose your data? 

No, we don't 

What do we do then?

We can contact third parties to use your data only for marketing purposes, not for spamming. 

Don't worry, and we won't disclose your data to them. We have your information safe on our secure servers.

Third-party links:

We can post a third party link on our site, which has its privacy policy, terms, and conditions.

However, we are happy to get feedback from these sites from you.


We can change our privacy policy at any time without your prior consent. 

We will notify you if you give us your data. 

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